Thomas Choate


Thomas has worked as a research analyst, natural builder, and farmer in pursuit of cataloging urban and ecological systems.  This included work with Kindra WelchSun Ray Kelley, and Allan Balliett. Most recently he’s worked as an analyst for the affordable housing group within Reinvestment Fund Development Partners in Philadelphia, Dr. Susan Wachter, Professor of Real Estate at the Wharton School and Co-director of Penn Institute for Urban Research, and QBL Real Estate, a national consultancy for municipal and cultural development and partnerships. For the last five years, he’s directed administration, marketing, site research, and financial modeling for Rising Commons.

Thomas is also a fermentation enthusiast, recovering musician, barefoot runner and tango addict.  He looks forward to living in a neighborhood where he and family will have equal access to walking barefoot alongside forests and streams, as to good conversation among youngers and elders, and working alongside neighbors and friends in 3D as well as in cyberland.  Originally from Austin, Texas, Thomas is a graduate of Southwestern University with a masters in City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. He lives in Asheville.