Sunil Patel


Sunil is a farmer, permaculturist, and an avid cook, cheese maker, and baker.  Having studied cultural anthropology, he has traveled extensively through Asia and spent three years as an English teacher in Japanese schools.  Back in the states, he studied and worked for farmers in California, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Oregon.  He has collected many skills from growing 4-season biodynamic vegetables, to managing a grass-fed dairy herd, making artisanal raw milk cheese, baking for production in a commercial wood-fired oven, natural building, and helping maintain permaculture sites.  Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Sunil has been managing a large CSA in central PA for the past 4 years.  In that time, he expanded a quarter acre plot to a 12 acre working farm.  In January 2013, he relocated to Asheville.  As Site Manager, he coordinated Ashevillage Institute's Urban Farm in 2013. Sunil consults and farms through Urban Patchwork Farms throughout the Asheville area.  Sunil co-directs research, administration, and site planning.