Rising Commons is a neighborhood, a cultural nonprofit, and an enterprise cluster.  We are founded on the idea that cooperative economics and communication are key to the future of green business. We have chosen dynamic governance as our executive and legislative process.  Dynamic Governance enhances our long-term commitment to a culture invested in one another.

We utilize the N-Street model of consensus, created by N-Street Cohousing in Davis, CA. Within this model, proposals are first submitted to an initial round of full consensus. Any proposal not passed is reevaluated in a second super-majority round after a six week period. This second-round mechanism incentivizes members to garner clear support or reconsideration for proposals.

A committee and subcommittee structure with a foundation in our bylaws keep meetings to clear manageable durations, and delegate to handle individually whenever possible.

Seasonal opportunities for continuing education in governance and facilitation will renew this commitment for residents.


Development will be driven by a Commons Capital Development (CCD) corporation (forming), dedicated to promoting the long term value, and ecological development of the site. This will be done by providing guidance for construction as well as managing rentals and properties that become available for sale.

This development company will also be primary driver of cooperative ownership within Rising Commons.  CCD creates a service and relationship by allowing renters and homeowners to together own a liquid form of ownership: shares.  These shares create a forum for discussion for more complex issues concerning development within Rising Commons, as well as create a low-entry mechanism for asset appreciation through investment in the shares.